"Can it get any better than this, NO, it can't"

David is one of the strongest known Characters to exist. He is part of the Saux Army and the Skygge selskap, an elite group of soldiers in charge of dangerous operations. David is a main character and a well awarded Anime destroyer.

The true creator of the channel taken by John Ketchup "American as Blyat" The channel was unoccupied when David was shipped off to The US Army to train. He was present during the Pokemon takeover, The Army fought well against the Nishugami forces but once the Population of the USA was taken over by the Pokemon, The Army could not fight and surrendered. Most escaped to Europe. David successfully escaped to Sauxland and continued his training as a Soldier. When he finished his training The Head of Defense appointed him and agents from the past Mexico to accompany him in a mission to start an uprising.

Usually The members of The Skygge selskap carry with them small assistants called M & M boxes. David's box is called Daquan.

David has met up with Russian officials to talk about an invasion of the Republic. In case the uprisings that they hope happen don't work. They know fighting them would be most likely a long and hard fight. They have to show the people first that they are not a threat. Or else they will not successfully invade. Which is why they are sending many agents to the Republic. To try to start an uprising.

Although not much of him has been seen in the channel yet. There will be more. As confirmed by the Producers of the show.