"They're coming fast, I'm not telling you who, I'm not really

sure myself, but it was foretold".

John In the begining of the Channel. Acting as David (American as Blyat) for about a year before The Real David took over.


John Ketchup started the American as Blyat Channel, begining as "FeatTheDavid" Already showing how unlike The Real David he was. He purposely faked him to try to lead his channel into a [Positive-feeling inducing place for sensitive people to enjoy. In the end, it turned out to be a Cringe-field and a failed system. After David took over his rightfully owned channel, John went to his parents house to live as he felt like David should have his house as credit for the channel he stole.  

Early Life Edit

John was born in Hiroshima, Japan on the 11 of September, 1999. Born into a rich family of Japa-whites who were from the USA. When he was 3 years old, he fell into a radioactive pit, which caused him his eternal stupidity as shown in numba one S(Christian Channel)tpost (In memory of Fithy Frank and Pink guy).

Later Life Edit

His Stupidity didn't stop him from becoming successful. When he started the American as Blyat Channel as FeartheDavid, he immediately grew the attention of about 17 people, making him rich and famous after three days. This also prompted him to be a singer. He became an Anime Theme song artist which only brought him even more attention than before.

During the Summer of 2017 David finally came back from his training in the Sauxland Army. John admitted to his fraud and basically lost everything. Yet, the return of David inspired him. He knew that Sauxland is one of the only countries left that has the power to fight the Nishugami Army (People's Army of The Pokemon Republic) and that David was well trained and prepared for the end of The Pokemon Republic. So, John began is own training and formed a small militia with trusted friends in Skaraba. The bordering country to South Pokemon Republic. One day he led a Company of 50-60 men to fend off Nishugami Authorities so that he could cross the border and warn other of what he believed was the end of humanity outside of the most important Pokemon figures. This conflict resulted in the first battle at the Border of Skaraba. He successfully crossed the border but some Pokemon police saw him and started to follow him. He found no place to hide and decided to go to his family's house and insisted in visiting his cousin David. They had stayed at his house for awhile and John decided to use Davids YouTube Channel to show that the Citizens of The Pokemon Republic and the World are in danger and they need to be prepared for a fight. David caught him in the making and didn't really believe John and explained John's conditions believing John's claims were a part of his stupidity.

FUN FACT: In numba one S(Christian Channel)tpost (In memory of Filthy Frank and Pink guy) John has subtitles and David doesn't. This is because John is Japanese and Japanese Characters in the series have subtitles even if they are speaking English. Any other individual may be subtitled but only if they're speaking another language. The Japanese subtitle case is unique as compared to others.


John featured in a school project made by David for his AP World History Class. In this scene he is shown hacking the Russians and building a spaceship at the same time. Despite his stupidity.